Episode 8 - Part 3

On January 4, 2019, Gillian and Lauren had all eight kids in one house for an afternoon of podcasting. Interviewing two at a time, the ladies are able to hear from their children about what it was like to have a family that went through childhood cancer and learn from them how they cope best. The episode is broken down into four parts, to be released in succession. In Part 3, Gillian and Lauren interview their two youngest children, Zoey and Violet. Zoey is a childhood cancer sibling to Hazel, and Violet is a survivor. While many questions went unanswered, you will have the opportunity to hear what childhood cancer can really be like. Violet is moved to tears when she remembers her friend and fellow warrior, Hazel. Zoey does what she does best and joins her momma, Lauren, to try and bring a smile to Violet's face. You may miss Gillian's voice a little, but she was doing what SHE does best and that was comforting, cuddling and loving her sweet girl...

After the podcast was finished, Zoey and Violet found Lauren’s secret stash of candy and were more than happy to eat it for her!

Lauren Hammersley