Episode 8 - Part 2

On January 4, 2019, Gillian and Lauren had all eight kids in one house for an afternoon of podcasting. Interviewing two at a time, the ladies are able to hear from their children about what it was like to have a family that went through childhood cancer and learn from them how they cope best. The episode is broken down into four parts, to be released in succession. In Part 2, Gillian and Lauren interview their two younger sons, Greyson and Jonah. It's clear that Jonah loves to talk, but is very good at articulating his feelings. Greyson's sensitive heart gets affected by the subject matter, but offers up a lot of wisdom as well. What a beautiful thing it is to see two boys, with very different coping mechanisms, still share in each other's experiences and just get busy understanding and being friends.

Disclaimer: When Jonah talks about super powers, the spankings refer to what would be done to a "bad guy", not to him.

Lauren Hammersley