Episode 9

If you missed the recent announcement on Facebook that Gillian and Lauren are kicking off spring with "lighter" episodes, full of rejuvenation then don't dismay. Episode 9 of For Grits & Giggles doesn't follow that trend just yet. We are wrapping up our winter season with an episode on the history of death and mourning. Yup, you heard that right! The girls wouldn't be the girls if they didn't mix it up and get weird on their listeners. Join them as they talk about an incredible article in The New Yorker, by Andrea DenHoed called: "Our Strange Unsettled History of Mourning." They examine how, as a modern and western culture, we have lost the art of loss and how it is important for us to look at our ancestors and cultures from around the world to help us face and deal with our constant companion--DEATH. The episode actually leads the girls on a journey of education, reflection and more understanding than ever before. Don't worry, they will soon be on to soup and vintage hats!

Recorded 2/28/19

Link to the article:


Lauren Hammersley